The Temple Druid Dolmen
The Temple Druid - The Circle (Just Finished)
The Temple Druid - The finished Circle (settled in)
The Temple Druid - The Circle (Outlayer stone)
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This   group   of   megalithic   creations   is   in   the   grounds   of   a   Community   Woodland,   and   are   all   made   with   the   stones   that   were lying   in   the   hedgerows.   This   was   once   a   huge   megalithic   complex,   according   to   a   map   from   1896,   with   an   avenue   of   stones leading,   across   several   fields,   to   a   burial   chamber. All   but   2   of   the   avenue   stones   were   taken   down,   and   put   in   the   hedge,   and the   chamber   destroyed.   We   have   recreated   the   chamber/dolmen,   and   put   up   a   line   of   stones   beside   it,   and   put   2   more standing stones up, one where there had been one, at the end of the old avenue, and one as an outlier to the stone circle. The   main   structure   here   is   the   stone   circle,   a   simple   circle,   with   the   largest   stone   in   the   North,   and   the   others   gently   sloping down,   getting   smaller,      to   the   South.   There   is   a   central   fire   place,   made   with   stones   that   were   there   on   site,   and   including some white quartz pieces. The dolmen is my first new dolmen, and again, was made with the stones we found in the hedgerows. The   opening   is   to   the   East,   and   there   is   room   inside   to   sit   and   meditate.   Each   of   the   uprights   is   well   sunk   into   the   ground,   and the capstone was then placed on top , with great precision, by the JCB driver.
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