Brithdir Mawr The Initiation Chamber (2016 -2019)
Brithdir Mawr The Stone Circle (2015)
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This   circle   was   made   after   I   had   plotted   the   positions   of   a number   of   buried   stones   on   the   site,   and   felt   that   they were the buried remnants of an old circle. I   initially   thought   the   stones   would   be   the   size   of   the stones   at   Gors   Fawr,   the   only   remaining   ancient   stone circle   in   Pembrokeshire,   however,   once   we   began   to   dig them   out,   it   became   clear   that   these   were   large   stones, weighing between 4-8 tons. We   spent   over   2   years   on   this   circle,   digging   out   and   re- erecting    the    stones,    until    the    circle    was    once    more complete.
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Brithdir Mawr 15th May 2019
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